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  • 建立自己的水桶花園。

  • 種自己的蔬菜和草藥。

  • 收割莊稼。

  • 並享受您的收穫。

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Starting March 13th, 2023,
I will be teaching at the Felicia Mahood Multipurpose Center in West Los Angeles CA, "How to build a Bucket Garden."

3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,
at 10 AM.

310-479-4119 for more information.
FELICIA MAHOOD MULTIPURPOSE CENTER | City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks (

A Question from a viewer:
I love herbs and vegetables, but can I grow anything else?

Yes, you can!
How about a garden to attract:
Or Butterflies,

How about a garden just for beauty:
Or Native plants?

You can mix and match different gardens - Some vegetables with a herb or two and a bucket of hummingbird flowers this year and change it up next year!

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